Not Just Another Tier 1 Supplier

Delivering a difference

Not just sometimes. Every time.

There’s a reason why we start the conversation about MPC with the phrase, “delivering a difference.” It’s because we’ve built our business by providing the predictability that’s essential to success in the automotive industry.

But we don’t settle for doing what’s expected. We’re always inventing ways to take our customers somewhere new: to blow the doors off of what the customer thought was possible.

A passion for all things automotive

There's a magic and energy in the automotive world that inspires us every day.

There’s just something special about cars. Either you get it, or you don’t. We do. We love this industry. We relish the thrill of seeing our work go from concept to the production floor to the showroom to the streets.

At first, OEMs choose MPC for our executional excellence. Over time, they come to value our people’s passion and commitment. They appreciate working with our teams of sharp, analytical problem solvers who are still down-to-earth and fun to work with.

Scalable Processes

Flexibility for the future.

We’ve been in this business long enough to know how quickly it can change. That’s why we’re continually looking for ways to improve speed of production, reduce cost and still maintain the high quality of our components. We’ve developed innovative, cost-effective solutions that allow us to do just that.

  • Automated cells that minimize cost and maximize efficiency.
  • Significant molding tonnage range from 50 tons to 2,000 tons.
  • Flexible work cells to improve process flow and adapt quickly to customer changes.

We Live Under the Hood

Our singular focus on the design and manufacture of “under the hood” parts like cam covers, reservoirs, CAC ducts and coolant components is what makes us different. It’s also what helps us better determine what works, and what doesn’t, how to design and produce efficiently, and how not to. That drives down cost, speeds delivery, reduces defects and makes us your go-to source for under the hood parts and assemblies.