One Less Thing
You'll Have to Worry About

The confidence that comes from predictable performance

Every Tier 1 automotive supplier tells a good quality story.
But the gap between the story and the reality can be profound. 

That’s because for many suppliers, doing business is about doing whatever it takes to secure PPAP approval—and then reacting to any customer complaints about quality that emerge down the road. 

MPC’s promise to be “one less thing you have to worry about” drives a decidedly different approach to quality. From the outset, we focus on ensuring that the very last part we produce is as good as the very first. And as a privately held company, we have the freedom to make sure nothing stands between us and doing the right thing for the customer.
Advanced Quality Planning is an integral part of everything we do. On every component we create, our engineers and technicians partner with customers to establish a control plan, and implementation is monitored through every stage of development, production and delivery.

We’ve also adopted a predictive, versus reactive, approach to design. Investing in the latest predictive detection methods leads to product validation the first time. That, in turn, leads to high volume production with Six Sigma quality.   

Along the way, our people do things every day—including sweating small details the customer may not be aware of—to make sure we deliver superior quality over the entire duration of the program. 

The automotive game is far too complex and dynamic to ever be worry-free. Still, OEMs appreciate knowing that they can count on MPC to deliver as promised…every time.

Life at MPC

Everyday High Standards

We define “Quality” as the satisfaction of our customer's expectations. Our goals are to be the best in the world at satisfying our customer's expectations for product quality, cost, delivery and service.
In order to achieve “Quality,” it is our policy to proactively work with all customers to identify and document their expectations. Once all customer expectations are clear, we develop and implement designs, production processes, control systems and support systems, which ensure that customer expectations will be met.
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100% committed to exceeding expectations.

A Culture of Quality

Processes, Practices and People

MPC quality is about rigorously designed processes and practices. But it’s also about building teams of people who share a passion for excellence. 

We start by proactively working with all customers to identify and document their expectations. We then develop and implement the designs, production processes and control systems it takes to ensure we deliver as promised.

Along the way, our culture of quality spurs us to hold ourselves—and our co-workers—to the highest standards. We also take care to reward team members who uncover new performance improvement opportunities. All of which explains how we’ve earned a reputation for meeting and exceeding our customers’ most demanding quality requirements.
Accountability is a top priority
MPC Promises

To provide employees with information on how employees and the company are performing.

To provide employees with the tools, processes and training you need to make good parts.

To never ask employees to keep making parts after a problem has been found.

To listen to employee problems and try to resolve them as quickly as possible.

To provide employees with a clean, safe working environment in which to perform their job.

To give employees the quality history of the parts you are making to help avoid repeating problems.

Awards & Certificates

We're proud of our achievements

GM Supplier of the Year Award
GM Supplier Quality Excellence Award
2013, 2014
Honda Excellence in Value Award
Top Workplaces
ISO 14000 Certification
ISO/TS Certification