More than just a pretty face.

MPC’s range allows us to meet a variety of plastic needs from large tonnage aesthetic components like engine covers and sight shields, to battery trays and engine control module brackets.

Between our tonnage capabilities and our design know-how, we can ensure that aesthetics meet functionality before tooling is kicked off. Get the specifics here: • Scientific molding: Master molders, DOE capability and automated process quality controls. • Broad material range: Eco-friendly, low specific gravity, thin wall, low mass, etc. • Automation universal cells: Technology advantage in ability to switch over in a cost effective manner, as well as at a high rate of production. • 100% internal testing: Drives design iteration and input to create a better, faster design.

Fashion, Meet Function

Engine Covers / Sight Shields / Air Dam

Eye-popping aesthetics have become more important than ever when it comes to under-the-hood applications. Thanks to our advanced simulation software, MPC has a clear advantage over other suppliers. We’ve developed innovative and proprietary applications of mold fill software packages that let us go where our competitors can’t and don’t. Add in our warpage prediction capabilities and NVH analysis, and it’s clear that MPC delivers a difference when it comes to MEGA assemblies.
Our Focus Factory approach gives us another edge. Not only can we deliver large tonnage aesthetic parts from a singular manufacturing site, but we exceed customer expectations by delivering higher grade solutions on a consistent basis. Need more proof? Not a problem.

To create an eye-catching appearance we have the ability to add your corporate emblems and badges, or hot stamp molded-in graphics. We also have the ability to help you find the right foam materials to ensure that engine noise is suppressed.
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Electrical systems need plastic, too.

Battery Trays & PCM Brackets

MPC’s wide press size availability and material options allow us to provide Battery Trays, Power Control Module (PCM) Brackets and many other under-the-hood plastic components.  We have the ability to design a part to meet your requirements or build to your existing print.
In addition to injection molding, we also have the ability to weld on additional features, or add metal inserts to create additional attachment points.
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Capabilities as tough as your truck.

Urea Fill Tubes (Diesel Exhaust Fluid Filling Tubes)

From smart material selections for tubing to handle freezing, including the chemical nature of the fluid itself, MPC has you covered. Our experience with caps, check valves and our other product offerings complements our tubing capability to yield an attractive tank filling assembly that’s cost-effective, but more than that, reliable.


Here are a few more reasons to believe:

Upfront collaboration to adhere to all engineering requirements.

On - site support from our teams in Michigan, Wisconsin and Japan.

Translucent or opaque bottles for visual or electrical fluid level monitoring.

State - of - the - art hot plate welding and leak testing.

Extensive FEA and CFD correlation to real - life testing.