It all started with a check valve.

MPC was essentially founded on a check valve, and it’s one of the products we still make today across the D3. Offering full-service design capabilities including custom performance profiles, we can tackle whatever our customers need us to. Whether it’s designing to a print, or taking the reins after receiving a package and flow curve, we have the expertise and tools to make it happen.

We use a variety of advanced CAE tools, including flow simulation, FEA, mold flow and CFD for quicker, higher quality results. The entire production process is highly automated and meticulously monitored for part performance verification. MPC also has the ability to take our Six Sigma manufacturing to multiple sites, for flexible, efficient solutions on a product line we already excel at.

High Volume. High Reward.

Valves and Tubes

We lead the market for the number of valves we produce every year. If you’re wondering how many valves it takes to earn that recognition, try this: 19 million. In fact, we are the sole supplier for some of the biggest names in the industry. Our defect rate on this high volume product line is nearly non-existent thanks to a highly automated, highly efficient process that upholds our zero defect strategy and Six Sigma goal. In-process performance verification further ensures that every part that goes through our automation cell is checked for quality and customer satisfaction.
From full-spectrum design services, to prototyping capabilities that satisfy short orders as well as high volume applications, to a broad range of tubing diameters and materials offerings, we have the know-how to aggressively attack any circumstance. We also continually look to the future, which is why we’ve made it a point to not only focus on our multi-material strategies and tight bend radius capabilities, but also to be at the forefront of thinking on turbo applications and multi-directional valves. It’s what our OEMs want, and we’re 100% committed to finding the development solutions they deserve.
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Meeting the demands of fuel vapor management.

Carbon Canisters

MPC manufactures carbon canisters to meet the most challenging and specific customer specifications. Manufacturing to Lev II, Lev III and PZEV emission requirements, our expert manufacturing team will work with you to create an efficient manufacturing cell with quality as the top priority. In-station process control, and 100% leak and flow testing will guarantee on-time delivery at the lowest possible cost to your company.


The intersection of experience and expertise.

Vacuum Reservoirs

At MPC, vacuum reservoirs are old hat for us. We were an innovator of vacuum reservoirs in the 1970s, and have been honing our expertise ever since. We have more than 40 years of experience building all the mating tubing, check valves and connectors for the entire vacuum system. With internal structure to prevent deformation under load, and endless options for mounting, we can design reservoirs to your exact needs.
Once you combine our vacuum reservoir experience with our tube and connector experience, one thing becomes crystal clear: We can build your entire system. Whether you are using vacuum for speed control, HVAC control or 4x4 control, MPC is sure to design a cost-effective solution.
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Here are a few more reasons to believe:

Upfront collaboration to adhere to all engineering requirements.

On - site support from our teams in Michigan, Wisconsin and Japan.

Translucent or opaque bottles for visual or electrical fluid level monitoring.

State - of - the - art hot plate welding and leak testing.

Extensive FEA and CFD correlation to real - life testing.