Air Induction System Components

MPC’s wide variety of manufacturing capabilities allow us to provide a number of different air induction system components.

Our injection molding design and processing make us an excellent supplier of air box covers and other injection molded air induction components. In addition to this, our Suction Blow Molding capability allows us to make 3-D blow-molded air-ducts for both low-temp fresh-air applications and for high-temp charged air cooler (CAC) applications. Our history in these applications allows us to design and develop the right part to meet your needs.

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Air Box Components

MPC can offer you a wide range of material options for air boxes, from Polypropylene to Nylon. These materials are available with a variety of filler contents (glass, talc, mineral, etc.), and with recycled content options as well. Couple these material options with MPC’s design and moldflow capabilities and we can provide anything from individual air box covers and/or trays, to air box assemblies.


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CAC and Intake Tubes

Our track record of successful CAC duct assemblies speaks for itself. But if you ask our OEM customers, they’d speak for us, too. Since 2006, MPC has produced and shipped 3.4 million CAC duct assemblies without a single customer return for defect. That helps explain why MPC services the largest vehicle platform in the world, the Ford F-150. We’ve developed an additional niche in our ability to form extra large 32mm extruded tubing, versus the costly blow mold approach our competitors use.
Between our patented quick connect technology (that allows for simpler, one-step assembly and zero fluid leaks), three-dimensional blow molding, automated secondaries, high temperature resin and multi-layer capabilities, and squeaky clean record, we have the solutions to overcome any challenge.
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Here are a few more reasons to believe:

Upfront collaboration to adhere to all engineering requirements.

On - site support from our teams in Michigan, Wisconsin and Japan.

Translucent or opaque bottles for visual or electrical fluid level monitoring.

State - of - the - art hot plate welding and leak testing.

Extensive FEA and CFD correlation to real - life testing.