We live under the hood

The power of focus

Some suppliers try to be all things to all customers. Not MPC. Our singular focus is on the design and manufacture of “under the hood” parts: cam covers, reservoirs, CAC ducts, coolant components and more.

That laser focus separates us from the rest. It also drives down cost, speeds delivery, reduces defects and makes us the go-to source for under the hood parts and assemblies.


Cooling System Components

MPC isn’t new to the cooling products game. Just ask Honda, Nissan, Toyota, Cummins, GM, Ford and FCA. We’ve been making coolant components and assemblies like water crossovers, thermostat housings, check valves and coolant tubes and reservoirs for a global customer base for more than 25 years.

Cooling System


Sealing System Components

We’ve yet to find another supplier that makes all the components we do for an engine’s vent and lube system. MPC’s intimate knowledge of product and performance requirements allows us to constantly push the design and cost envelope.

Sealing System


Emission and Vacuum Control System Components

We use a variety of advanced CAE tools, including flow simulation, FEA, mold flow and CFD for quicker, higher quality results. The entire production process is highly automated and meticulously monitored for part performance verification. MPC also has the ability to take our Six Sigma manufacturing to multiple sites, for flexible, efficient solutions on a product line we already excel at.

Emission and Vacuum Control System


Air Induction System Components

MPC’s wide variety of manufacturing capabilities allows us to provide a number of different air induction components.

Air Induction System


Functional Plastic Components

MPC’s range allows us to meet a variety of plastic needs from large tonnage aesthetic components like engine covers and sight shields, to battery trays and engine controls module brackets.

Functional Plastic