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Research & Development

MPC boasts a full staff of research engineers and lab technicians whose sole job is to monitor, examine and dissect every phase of product and process development. And when they’re done with that, they do it again. Whether it’s new part development, or the inspection of a current product or customer application, our team is constantly on the lookout for manufacturing enhancements, improved processes and potential markets. The knowledge we gain paves the way for new possibilities, and advances the in-house services we already offer. It’s another way we deliver a difference for the automotive OEMs we serve.

  • Predictive engineering
  • Correlated CAE tools for a closed-loop process
  • Injection molding simulation software
  • Virtual test environments to speed design for manufacture and reduce cost
  • Software packaging

Full-Service Prototyping

We make parts that make a difference for the OEMs we serve, because we understand the challenges they face. More than that, we work to eliminate these challenges with advanced prototyping capabilities that cut down on crucial cost and time. Offering everything from non-functional models for fit evaluation to fully functional assemblies, MPC maintains an extensive, full-service prototype department in-house. The process allows us to simulate real-world production, accelerating the verifications of design, material and manufacturing feasibility for our customers. We retain complete control throughout the development cycle, leading to faster prototyping, higher quality product development and happier OEMs.

Product Design CAD/CAM

MPC has engineering and application expertise that ensures the development of performance-based manufacturing designs. Our engineers benchmark and test both current and new products and processes. Using advanced computer design equipment and software, we offer finite element analysis and mold flow simulation to meet the most complex product design requirements. From the ability to design and exchange information within an OEM’s native environment, to offering automated tools in CAD systems that develop parts faster, to being design responsible with our Black Box abilities, everything we do makes a difference in our customers’ success.

Testing Laboratory

In conjunction with our research and development department, MPC maintains two full-service validation test labs that are A2LA accredited to validate critical design functions and every step of the production process. We are capable of not only providing our customers with the product documentation they require, but providing it faster than our competitors by utilizing all in house resources between engineering and design to experimentation and validation testing. From flow testing to destructive testing to proprietary, long-term durability testing, we have the ability to perform and manage all of our customer’s product validation needs in house. When the testing requires, we will also manage subcontracted testing services through our qualified testing subcontractors, saving our customers the headache of managing multiple test sources for their product validation testing. Our internal testing capabilities includes: • Environmental Thermal Cycling: -55 to 315°C (-94 to 600°F) • Environmental Humidity Exposure Cycling • Air Flow & Leak: 0.5SCCM to 1000SLPM (1.7x10-5 to 35CFM) • Tension/Compression: 0 to 9000N (0 to 2000lbs) • Torque: 0 to 135N·m (0 to 100 ft·lbs) • Vibration Testing: 5 to 2000Hz / 3” Displacement • Pressure cycling: 0 to 70,000kPa (0 to 10,000psi) • Mass Measurement: 0 to 10lbs (0 to 4.5kg) • Hardness Measurement (Type A Durometer) • Extensive Variety of Dimensional Measurements • And many more with our accredited subcontracting test sources! Another important function of MPC’s lab is to perform continuous product monitoring. Manufacturing and process control parameters identified by means of design of experiments (DOE) and are analyzed through statistical and six sigma analysis techniques to ensure that only the best production techniques and quality assurance processes are used in our production operations. We then share those results and analyses with functional areas across our business, so every department can continually optimize its processes. This collaboration and knowledge sharing reinforces our commitment to delivering superior performing products.

MPC Walworth, Wisconsin, USA Test Lab A2LA Accreditation

APS Santa Ana, Sonora, Mexico Test Lab A2LA Accreditation